How to Set a Holiday Table

When you set a table, you are taking the time to provide an inviting space to your loved ones. It´s more than organization, it´s about comfort, style and inspiration. A table setting no only includes cutlery, crockery and glasses, you must think about the foundation, that base that you will use to build an unforgettable experience.

Holiday Table Settings

Special moments are ideal to create “special” table settings. You can use the season to play with colors, motifs, and textures for designing an amazing look. Remember that there are not tight rules in this subject, you can use the moment to inspire yourself and propose the best scene to your guests.

Choose the right elements

  1. Attractive colors.
  2. Seasonal accessories.
  3. The best fabrics.

  1. Attractive colors.

When you think about a specific Holiday, surely there is a representative color, you can start from there for choosing your palette. Maybe for Christmas you can choose colors such as green, red and gold or for Halloween orange and black. The same thing happens for Easter Week, you can use colors such as white, silver, violet, blue or gold.

Use the colors around the table context, including table linens, centerpieces, dinnerware, ambiance and more.

  2. Seasonal accessories.

You can choose traditional elements for setting your table.

For Easter Week, you could place decorated Easter Eggs as complement for table presentations, these pieces will provide an inviting look, adding visual weight and a harmony feeling with the rest of the concept.

You could use them as a centerpiece (cluster), distribute them all around the table or place them next to each plate, your guests will love it. Keep in mind that for better customization, you can use the Easter Eggs as placecards, that is, write down the name of each guest! That would be amazing.

  3. The best fabric

The fabric of your table linens is a starting point to create a dazzling atmosphere. Usually, for seasons such as Easter, you can choose Burlap fabrics to achieve a rustic and elegant concept, these pieces are ideal both for indoor and outdoor table settings.

In addition, you can use the classic pastel polyester tablecloths, such as white, ivory or even lilac. The most important of all is to achieve a presentation that looks attractive, that represents the season and of course, that guarantees the best experience for your guests.

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.

Nate Berkus.

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