How to Use Table Runners

Table runners are designed to complement any table presentation; these pieces will add color, movement and visual weight, ideal to stand out. Use them according to the occasion and the feeling you want to create, it’s easy you only need your creativity.

Why Table Runners?

Table runners are not the same as a tablecloth. tablecloths have a decorative and protective function, serving as a barrier to prevent certain liquids and food from damaging the furniture. On the other hand, table runners are used to add a merely decorative touch to the table setting.

Keep in mind that you can use them together or separately.

  1. The right size for table runners.
  2. When could I use a table runner?
  3. The perfect fabric.
  4. The best position.

  1. The right size for table runners.

The table runners are designed to fit most tables. In this sense, you only need to calculate the length of your table and add the inches of drop you need for each side, the sum of these 3 numbers (length + drop 1 + drop 2) will give you a reference to choose the correct size for your table runner.

2. When could I use a table runner?

Bear in mind that table runners are perfect for everyday use and appropriate for special occasions when you need a refined touch. A table runner enhances your table presentation in subtle or dramatic ways depending on the color and texture you choose. The point is to consider the context and take the best decisions.

  3. The perfect fabric

Certain fabrics and textures are associated with specific moods. For formal occasions like weddings and special events, consider table runners made of satin or polyester for their shiny, smooth surfaces. For casual use, natural fabrics like burlap. Plus, you could use patterned fabrics to create a more relaxed style.

  4. The best position

Commonly, a table runner is placed down the center of the table on its own or layered on top of a tablecloth. Nevertheless, there are a wide spectrum of ways to use a table runner. Check this out:

  • Position table runners across the width of a table, so your guests will be connected, creating a placemat-type effect for each person.
  • You can place two table runners in an “X” formation across a round table.
  • For an informal table setting, you can use a shorter table runner down the center of the table to place a centerpiece and make it stand out. It´s like a foundation.

Imagine, organize and create! Let your imagination fly and create the best table presentations ever.

If you love something, it will work.

Bunny Williams.

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