How To Use Table Skirts

Table skirts are ideal to spruce your special table settings. These pieces are designed to fit on occasions in which an extra touch of elegance is required. You can use them in banquet tables taking into consideration certain elements, such as: the theme, mood, location, in order to make the right decision (the type of fabric to choose).

Why Table Skirts?

Table skirts will provide a stylish look, perfect for special occasions. They are an amazing choice to create an inviting atmosphere when it comes to organizing a celebration, considering that these pieces are a great foundation to set party tables.

To choose the best table skirt, you’ll have to consider where you intend to display it and how often you will be using it.  Determining if it is for a wedding dinner, party, trade show, reunion, etc., can aid you in selecting the best fabric.

Points To Consider

  1. The right fabric.
  2. The right color.
  3. The right size.
  4. Complements.

  1. The Right Fabric

The “right fabric” will depend on the atmosphere you want to create and the gathering concept. There is a wide array of fabrics, but mainly solid ones are adaptable to different occasions, that is, casual or elegant.

Patterned fabrics are also a great idea to set the table, although they can be aimed at not so conservative celebrations. You can play with variations such as: checkered, striped, polka dot and more. Also, if you want a rustic touch, you could use burlap table skirts.

In the end, the important thing is that you feel comfortable, the rules are not so strict and you can choose the model that best suits what you want to convey.

  2. The Right Color.

To choose the right color you just have to think mainly about the season and the immediate context, that is, everything that surrounds you. It is important that colors can be matched with the hues in the room or elements involved when it comes to an outdoor gathering.

Use vivid colors to add visual weight or pastel tones to create a cozy atmosphere but with spaciousness feeling.

  3. The Right Size.

When it comes to buying your table skirt it is important not to make mistakes.

Keep this in mind, the classic measures are 14, 17 and 21 feet, which are ideal for these tables:

  • 14 feet: For 4 feet rectangular tables with 29 “drop on all sides.
  • 17 feet: For 6 feet rectangular tables with 29 “drop on all sides.
  • 21 feet: For 8 feet rectangular tables with 29 “drop on all sides.

4. Complements.

Although table skirts are usually associated with banquets, another table linens may be incorporated, you can use table napkins to add a touch of color. Plus, you could include flowers as a kind of centerpiece to highlight the presentation.

Play with the organization of your plates, cutlery and food to create an attractive and neat scene.

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