Party Table Settings

Your celebrations are important moments that deserve a special atmosphere. Usually, plastic tablecloths are used to decorate the table, however, despite the “ease” in cleaning, these items end up being polluting to the environment.

Therefore, it is important to use fabric tablecloths, which in addition to their contribution to the environment, end up being of great help in decoration tasks.

The Best Table Setting for Your Party

Your party needs a special table. Start using fabric tablecloths to achieve a careful appearance with a greater sense of aesthetics. Take advantage of seasonal colors to choose attractive pieces that also combine with the theme and style of the space where you are.

Combine attractive but also functional elements for your guests, the idea is that they feel comfortable and can enjoy every moment. Consider the tableware, cutlery, centerpieces…

The Right Elements

  1. Tablecloths.
  2. Centerpieces.
  3. Plated.
  4. Complements.

  1. Tablecloths

Before making a choice, it is important to know the party theme-style. For celebrations with food for each guest it is possible to choose round or rectangular tablecloths. The fabric depends on what is needed but the important thing is to have large pieces that cover from the top of the table to the floor.

For banquet concepts you can choose table skirts, these pieces provide a great coverage and are ideal for any occasion, both elegant or casual.

  2. Centerpieces

The centerpieces should be thought according to the type of table and extent of the space in which the celebration is located.

The basic rule is not to obstruct vision. It is important to choose pieces appropriate to the context and designed with the objective of highlighting.

  3. Plated

Plating is important, considering the comfort of your guests. Mainly when central food tables are placed, it is necessary to highlight the plate of the rest of the elements.

You can use bases that place the dishes with food at a higher position than the rest, so that your guests can see more easily what is available and serve in a simpler way.

  4. Complements

Locate each complement in specific areas of the table so that guests can locate everything more easily. Glasses and cutlery can be placed at the ends of the table, especially when it comes to self-service. When you have a personalized concept, it is important to maintain the basic table setting rules.

Try to place only what is necessary on the table. Too many elements can saturate the design and confuse the guests.

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