Picnic Table Decoration

The moments with your family are special. A picnic is a perfect occasion to share and create the best memories with your loved ones. It is for this reason that you must create an inviting atmosphere, with all the necessary elements to ensure the greatest comfort and visual appeal.

Elements for Your Picnic

A picnic is an outdoor meal that may or may not include the use of a table. What you really cannot miss is a tablecloth that will serve as a foundation for your food. Baskets, colorful plates, and classic flowers are other elements that should be part of the occasion. Remember that the color combination is essential to create an invaluable scene.

Create a Fantastic Look:

  • The best tablecloths for picnics.
  • Tableware for picnics.
  • Flowers for picnics.
  • With or without tables.

  1. The best tablecloths for picnics.

When it comes to an outdoor meal, you can think of two options: checkered tablecloths or burlap tablecloths.

Jute tablecloths will provide a more rustic look, with an ideal color to create beautiful contrasts from the tableware used. On the other hand, checkered tablecloths offer a classic style, fantastic to portray a sheer appeal.

If you think of choosing a checkered tablecloth it is important that you use red / white and blue / white colors, you will achieve a home atmosphere that no one will forget.

2. Tableware for picnics.

The tableware that you use for the picnic should be coordinated with the colors of your table linens (tablecloths – napkins). For an occasion like this try to use pastel tones in variations to avoid such a flat look.

You can choose colors such as white, yellow, pink or blue. This will create a dazzling scenario for your guests.

  3. Flowers for Picnics

For a picnic, you should definitely choose flower arrangements in bright colors to stay connected with nature. Make several combinations in small sizes to give life to the table decoration.

  4. With or without tables

Create a fantastic look using a table or just a tablecloth on the natural surface. Both options are totally valid.

Everything depends on the style you want to create. Use a format that is comfortable considering the number of guests.

Nothing´s better than a picnic.

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