Secrets To Create The Best Wedding Table Presentation

Surely you have been thinking about your wedding a long time ago. It’s one of the most important moments in life and that’s why every single detail is so important. Taking this into account, if you are planning a wedding reception you can not forget the relevance that a table decoration has.

What is a Table Presentation?

A “table decoration” is a method used to organize the elements needed on a table for having a meal. It means that table decoration is an esthetic structure that will lead your special breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. It’s an important part of wedding receptions since a good choice on this subject will ensure a nice experience for your guests, in a place where will serve as a gathering point during the evening.

Take enough time to think about how to create an unforgettable atmosphere for your guests. Particularly in terms of decorating tables at the wedding reception, you should consider some essential topics.

Tips to Design an Impressive Table Presentation

  1. Think, share and inspire.
  2. Choose the right table linens.
  3. Choose special centerpieces.
  4. Do not forget the candles.
  5. Think every accessory.

1.Think, share and inspire.

Never decide lightly. Everything you decide to place on the table for the wedding reception must have a meaning, a why. Bride and groom, consult each detail and choose everything that evokes the best coincidences in the relationship, that is, favorite colors, favorite flowers, etc.

Share your emotions as a couple and get ready to inspire others. It´s your moment!

2.Choose the right table linens.

Table linens are designed to protect your table and add charming to the atmosphere. You can choose pieces such as: tablecloths, table napkins, table runners or table skirts. Keep in mind that colors are very important; you need to consider the season palette and the reception mood, for indoor reunions use pastel colors to improve the perception of amplitude and for outdoors use vivid colors to increase the visual weight.

Talking about fabrics, choose polyester for more formal occasions or burlap for a rustic and cozy look.




3.Choose special centerpieces.

Use seasonal flowers to guarantee a beautiful look. Create centerpieces with a bouquet shape to keep everything on the theme. Choose elegant vessels to create a stunning scene. Whether it be small and sweet bouquets or tall and decadent arrangements, there’s plenty to consider.

4.Do not forget the candles.

Candles are an essential element, combining tall, small and scented candles to create a varied and striking environment. For a glamorous theme, opt for gold candelabras, it will always work.

5.Think every accessory.

Complete your table setting by choosing the right accessories. Choose your dinnerware with a nice color variation to create a disruptive but cool look. Coordinate them with gold cutlery and get ready to stand out.

Be Creative

To guarantee a fantastic reception you only need to use your creativity. Coordinate the right elements and give your guests one more reason to stay.

Hearts are not had as a gift but hearts are earned.

W.B Yeats

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