Restaurant Table Setting Ideas

Customers always have the reason, that’s why you need to offer the best atmosphere in your restaurant. Design each space considering how comfortable diners could feel, is the key to guarantee a good experience and with it, a “I want to return”.

The Importance of a Good Table Decoration

A good table decoration will generate a cozy and comfortable atmosphere within the restaurant. At the end of everything, the table is where the magic really happens; a balanced space will be necessary to support “the dishes”, that is, the business core.

How to Create an Amazing Experience

The key is to recognize the profile of your ideal clients, to adapt the elements. However, there are some general ideas that will surely help you.

  1. Natural centerpieces.
  2. Cutlery.
  3. Tablecloths and napkins.
  4. Candles.
  5. Creative menu cards.

  1. Natural centerpieces.

You do not have to spend so much to offer something nice and appropriate. A centerpiece can be created from the use of seasonal flowers in creative – attractive containers. The flowers will provide a fresh, pleasant and colorful ambience for your guests.

2. Cutlery

Silverware is an important piece of your table setting. To ensure an interesting experience, you could choose modern units in several models and alternate them during the week.

So, you can maintain an attractive appearance and surprise your customers constantly. Remember, play with colors and shapes.

3. Tablecloths and napkins.

Tablecloths are a good option to complement the table setting and protect the furniture surface. You can combine different types of fabrics and prints; use a carefree style with a table runner directly on the surface or comb it with a tablecloth.

Solid colors can be a great choice for more formal concepts, fabrics such as BURLAP or patterns for a casual style. Try out new designs and variations.

4. Candles.

The candles are perfect to add color to the table. Choose small pieces so as not to bother, and make sure they are odorless. Make your space feel inviting to guests.

  5. Creative menu cards.

A different menu can attract attention in a good way. Use the theme of the season to create designs on menu cards. Remember that the key is to continually innovate and serve as a source of inspiration to diners.

But out of limitations comes creativity.

Debbie Allen

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